NANOTEC is the latest invention line of chemical products, created through nanotechnology developments. NANOTEC products contain nano-particles of silver, which remove more than 99% bacteria, fungi and mites. Regular use of NANOTEC provides complete hygiene and protection of your home. Our products do not contain harmful solvents and are neutral to the human health and the environment.

NANOTEC product line contains:

  • NANOTEC Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner.
  • NANOTEC Wooden Floors Cleaner.
  • NANOTEC Ceramic Floors Cleaner.
  • NANOTEC Fabric Softener.
  • NANOTEC for Ironing.
  • NANOTEC Furniture Cleaner.
  • NANOTEC Plastic Cleaner.
  • NANOTEC Glass Cleaner.
  • Sanitizer NPS200.
  • NANOfresh.

More information about the nanotec products you'll find at www.nanotec.pl/en






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